A beautiful day.


Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer – Hi EVERYONE,

last summer, during my 8 months practical semester in London, we had some beautiful days in between the “not so hot” summer days. One in particular still fills our memories with joy, the day of the engagement / after wedding party of two of our close friends – in the heart of London.

The day started beautifully with homemade crepes and a long walk with our little boy. Afterwards we got ready for the party with the theme “The great Gatsby” – what a fun way to get everyone dressed up appropriately for such a beautiful occasion.

We decided to spent some time prior to the party at Southbank, London summer festival was on and therefore loads of different attractions, parties and food vans – let the pictures speak for themselves.

A “borris bike” tour was also part of the day, what a fun ride all across central London!

See you soon,


Yours  Laura