Space to become creative.


Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer – Hi EVERYONE,

after the recent launch of my blog I have had so many ideas to write about, that I constantly am obliged to write and sketch new ideas into my notebook. Being on the go that can become difficult from time to time. That’s why I have been looking for a way to digitalize my notes in an easy and user friendly way.

I have been using the wacom bamboo pen & touch tablet for years, however I have found the need to be able to digitalize my writing and drawing as well as having the paper notes. First time I searched for such was about a year ago. I came across the moleskine smart writing set, which I found perfect for my requirements I had previously set:

  • Digitalize my writing as such (my unique writing e.g. jpg)
  • Convert it into word documents (computer written)
  • Having the paper version available as well
  • Possible to operate without the constant use of an app or such
  • Some sort of memory in order to not be limited too much
  • Battery life for longer than 4hours

Additionally, I wrote down some extra features/requirements, which would be nice to have but not necessary:

+ not being dependent on the size and the paper

+ Bluetooth function in order to not have the necessity to carry another cable

The down side on these digital pens is, that they rely on the paper / notepad they come with. This special type of paper has a pattern of tiny dots that allows the smart pen to capture everything you write or draw. Most of them operate via camera, sensors and Bluetooth in order to close the system in the loop and make it operable.

After having tried the moleskine pen, it didn’t operate the way I desired. It didn’t function reliable, the app wasn’t developed properly and had several brake downs during the short trial period of mine and in general it didn’t seem to fit for my purposes. It wasn’t the money well spent nor did I receive the functionality I was looking for, so I decided to return it.

This the followed by some more intense research, finding the livescribe 3 smartpen, which was recently rated the best digital pen 2017, as well as several kickstarter projects where I ended up supporting several ones.

Anyhow, I ended up ordering the slate from iskn as it seemed to fit perfectly, at least that is what I am hoping for. It doesn’t rely on specific paper nor on the size of the paper, all you need to do is to take your wanted paper and fix it on the “slate”.


However, the best feature is the way you can use the pen, your pen, any pen. The creators have invented a way for you to be able to use your pen, pencil, basically any kind of pen in any kind of colour. Being able to do so you need to slide a ring over your pen and place it in the lower third of your pen. The 32 sensors in total, in combination with the slate as the surface, will transfer your image or writing to the app which then allows you to create word-, pdf- or any other sort of documents or pictures.

The ring also comes in different sizes which then allows you again to use a bigger variety of different pens/pencils to set even less limits to your creative mind.


I am super excited for the set to arrive soon and I will update you on the functionality, design and reliability of the slate.

Also I will follow up with a post about WORKSPACE, as I find it very important to have a tidy, organized and routines workspace in order to become truly efficient.

See you soon,


Yours  Laura