Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer – Hi EVERYONE,

after having talked about useful digital gadgets yesterday, I promised to talk about workspace today.

Workspace to me not only means the physical space of being also the mind-set which come with it. In order to have the right mind set the environment plays a big role. And in order to be the best and efficient self you possibly can, you need the right mind-set.

All of this obviously doesn’t mean anything, if your body is not play along or your mind wonders off to million others things. Therefore, we will need to have a look at that as well in order to give us the best possibilities to reach our goals, be the best we can possibly be and become successful in what we wish for.

In order to get our body fuel up we need to stick to a healthy and balanced diet, we need 8-9 hours sleep a night.

Activity throughout the day is very important as well, being activate means activate brain cells as well as your metabolism. Also being outside, spending some time on fresh air and in the nature can help to reset and come up with new ideas/solutions.

Next, your workspace, workdesk, work environment, work room and work activity. All of this should create one unity, organized and clean unity. The environment shoud leave space for new ideas, for thinking progresses but also relate to your work. However, the opener and more adaptive the workspace, the better it wil reflect on your work, motivation and efficiency.

You should also be in use os a calender, ideally in 3 vsriants. A daily – to do list, a week calender and a monthly calender in order to keep track and be able to set goals and follow them.

There are always things to improve, important is that you start!

Be aware of your current work and creative space and find things to improve and then turn them into actions, you will soon feel the difference :)!

See you soon,






Yours Laura