Bracelets – ChloBo

Luna Soul collection.

Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer AND jewellery lover – Hi EVERYONE,

today I want to I troduce #fashionfriday to you! Every Friday I will present a new design piece, a variation of jewellery, clothing, accessories, makeup essentials and other interesting items.

Starting off with a variation of jewellery brands and fashion labels over the next weeks: Brands like Bulgari, Leo Mathild, Givenchy, Chanel and many others….


Today I want to start with ChloBo, handmade designer jewellery made in the UK. ChloBo is inspired by the global travel and the adventure that is brings

Our ambition as a brand is to inspire women of all ages, cultures and styles with the confidence to enhance and express their own individuality. – ChloBo

The details on these two braceletes:

Rose Gold Plated on 925 Sterling Silver & Eagle Eye.

Do you want to check them out? Have a look at their website and browse through their amazing collections: Here!

Have you had a look at the photos below? What do you think of the collection, are you also in love? :)

See you soon, 

sign_f Kopie.jpg