Romantic getaway.

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Enjoying antipasti and the Italian atmosphere.

Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer AND weekend traveller– Hi EVERYONE,

Sitting in the plane, thinking about the amazing time we had and going through photos which captured these memories, that isn’t the worst way returning to work.


Breakfast with a view.

I am on my way from Milano to Munich to work with my dad for a few days with some amazing classic cars.

Anyways, this story is not about my work or my passion about cars, this story is about love, relationship goals and weekend getaways.


Room service, first night.
Lago di Como.

Our first getaway together was to Lecco, Lago di Como, Italy. It was a combined work and vacation weekend which ended up in the most romantic and adventures weekend we could have imagined. Matthew was working in the area and we treated ourselves to a weekend exploring the wonders that the Italian lakes offer. Basically, we spent the days enjoying incredible food, great people and a breath-taking scenery. The rest of the weekend we spent exploring Lecco, Como and the surrounding villages and hit a few slopes. All together a magical getaway which couldn’t have been better.

Lago di Como.


Follow me…

That was three years ago and ever since we return for our anniversary weekend, explore the area even more, eat the most amazing T-Bone steak at our favourite restaurant and take a few slopes.

Coming home from such an intimate, loving and adventures few days is always sad but as new adventures are already planned, and this time I directly fly to my next work “adventure” I can say that I am truly happy. Finding happiness is one thing but introducing it into your daily life and routine is another.


If you ever want to visit the area of “Lago di Como”, I can suggest visiting Lecco. Lecco, not being as famous and popular as Como, is the better choice. Not only is it more beautiful, also the atmosphere is more influenced by the locals and the view across the lake is more magical, but that is my opinion. I can recommend visiting Bellagio, which is the village at the end of the “leg” in the Lake and therefore surrounded by the Lake from both sides which leaves an incredible view. There is a lovely little restaurant, which serves good view and has a relaxing atmosphere.

View of Belaggio.


As for food in general I can recommend the typical Italian lunch at a “Trattoria”. They will usually offer lunch deals around 10-15 Euro for a 2-3 course meal. Only because this is a bargain, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good, most of the times a lunch deal at a good Trattoria will be better at any usual restaurant.

The most amazing steak you can get in Lecco, in a lovely little restaurant with an incredible view and atmosphere.



A stay in Lecco is recommened in the hotel Griso, it has the best view across the lake and Lecco city, also the breakfast is fantastique. If you want to enjoy a view slopes I recommend “Bobbio”, which is less than an hour away from Lecco and offers a few slopes. Better resorts are basically around the corner as well, will require a little bit of a longer drive and the risk of traffic at weekends.


San Pellegrino – you would probably know it as the water, but it is actually a town in the region of Bergamo in northern Italy. This village is not only famous for it’s water but for the spa located in the centre. I highly recommend going there if you have some spare time, it’s around an hour drive from Lecco as well. A spontaneous idea is not recommendable though, as the spa is usually fully booked weeks in advance and therefore a reservation is recommended.

Sunset at Lago di Como.
Enjoying the sunset with a view.

There are so many beautiful places around this region, that it is hard for me to recommend all of them. I suggest, that you go and visit one place and then see where it will lead you to, if you are open to discover new things and adventures, then you will be in the right places. Italians are usually passionate and sporadic which you should try to adapt, this “living-in-the-moment” attitude and just relax, take it easy. An espresso at the bar, a gelato here and there, an “apereitivo” in the evening and following this flow will make life easier and you will soon miss this relaxation in your daily life.




We do have our crazy moments ever now and then… :D

Ever since my family grew bigger with the Italian part, we all adapted to their lifestyle and fell in love with it as well as the country itself and of course their food J I always say I think I couldn’t work in Italy due to their sporadic and emotional way of handling things, being usually late and their general attitude towards work. Being truly German: efficient, punctual and organised, this is pretty much the contrary to my work attitude. However, I could absolutely imagine living here, anytime!

I want to go sailing with you…

We both agree on this and therefore we couldn’t think of any better place to celebrate our anniversary. The place we spent our first getaway at, the place we call our home.

Enjoy the gallery below and stay tuned for the following travel posts,

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