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Fowey, a lovely fisher town in Cornwall.

Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer AND sailing fan– Hi EVERYONE,

if you are in England and you have 3 days to spend on a getaway road trip, where would it be?

Well, after we have visited a lot of the the northern country, Scotland and Whales, we were up for a new area. As I have never been to Cornwall before and we liked the idea of a sea side holiday, we looked up for destinations in Cornwall. Soon we found ourselves favouring a beautiful little town called Fowey. 

Therefore it was decided, the lovely little town Fowey at the South, East coast of England was our destination for this 3 day trip.

Fowey Map

We took the Friday off and decided to have a nice chilled out breakfast. After that we packed everything, especially for Mr. Troubles (it is probably quite similar like travelling with a child :D), nevertheless I have no idea how such a small dog can have so much stuff. After stocking up on essential road snacks we found ourselves on the roads, fairly often stuck in traffic, but singing along to good music and enjoying the holiday vibes. We needed to take a few stops in order to have a play with the little one and break down the 5 hours drive, which ended up being a 6 hours drive.

drive through Cornwall

Once we finally arrived we realised, that we had arrived in Fowey but were separated by the river/sea from our hotel. This is the last time I let Matt program the satnav… the two options we had now was either taking a detour of 40 minutes or hoping that a ferry will still take us over, bare in mind it was well after 8pm at this point.

We drove as quickly as possible to the “harbour” and tried to find out about the ferry and the operating times. Luckily the passenger ferries run till late in the evening. This meant, that we grabbed as much of our stuff as possible and ran towards the next ferry which we boarded with all of our luggage under both arms and a scared dog who can’t swim :D By saying ferry one would imagine a big boat you drive your car on, well this was more like a 100 year old lifeboat, if you leant over the side I’m pretty sure it would have tipped it over. 

Never the less the elderly man who sailed us across was told us all about the his beautiful little fisherman’s town an it turned out to be a lot more romantic way to turn up to a hotel than just parking in a car park. 

Fowey 2017 (14 of 137)

This is the view (by day) to the side we were standing on a few minutes before we arrived on the other side, 100 metres away from out hotel.

We stayed in a characterful 300 year old building at the quite end of the town with the best view of the river bank called the old ferry inn. It’s run by a french man who was also the chef. I didn’t expect anything special from the country pub style dining at first but I found myself soon to be proven wrong. He prepared an incredible Seafood bouillabaisse in a really creative way and I can highly recommend it. 

Once we finished our delicious meals we were happy to settle for the night and were looking forward to some a couple of nice, relaxing days here.

Fowey 2017 (84 of 137)

The next morning we woke up bright and early, had an amazing full English breakfast and a lovely view over the water and the village centre. We took the next Ferry over to the other side and made our way through the town, enjoying the little shops and relaxed atmosphere.

full English breakfast

We wondered through the streets of Fowey, enjoying the atmosphere, looks through the cute shops, enjoyed some Cornish pasty and some homemade ice cream. After a great lunch we decided to hire a boat for the afternoon.

Fowey 2017 (47 of 137)

The boat trip was one of the best decisions this weekend, as we had the chance to see the beautfiul region from the sea, spend some time at the beaches and enjoy the wind blowing through our hair.

Especially having spend the weekend together with my little boy Troubles, our first holiday together, was an amazing experience :)

Fowey 2017 (38 of 137)

After returning we dropped the little one off at the hotel and went back to the town centre. The sun came out one more time, which was an amazing ending to a beautfiul day. Sitting at the water, sipping a cider and enjoying the view, that’s how you end a perfect day.

Fowey 2017 (124 of 137)

For dinner we went to a well recommended place called Sams, earlier that day I was already convinced by their menu and wanted to go there for dinner so luckily it was the same restaurant we had been recommended. We ordered fish starters and mains again, being at the sea means we need to take advantage of the variety.

I choose mussels and calamari and had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with it – amazing flavours and a quirky atmosphere helped us putting an amazing end to the day. One last ferry ride and there we were, back out our beautiful hotel.

The next morning another full English breakfast (Matt ate most of mine ) gave us enough energy to tackle a long walk called The hall walk where you wonder around the woods enjoying the breath taking views. 

Fowey 2017 (111 of 137)

All in all I can definitely suggest a holiday in Cornwall, especially in Fowey. I truly fell in love with this little town and could think about retiring here, just a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. I can’t wait to go back!

Enjoy the read and stay tuned for my next trip to Bristol and Bath,

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