About me.


This blog is about travelling, fashion, design, food and cars, as well as other things which interest and inspire me.

I decided to share all of this with you, in order to bring back creativity into my daily life and get inspired even more throughout exchanging experiences with YOU! :)

As I always had a passion in expression myself, if that was through paintings, photography or writing, I want to use this blog as the perfect platform to do exactly that – express MYSELF, my life and what inspires me.


I am a 24 years old, automotive engineering, student who is highly interested in cars – specifically classic cars and super sport cars. Since my childhood cars have always played a big role in my life and somehow have defined my life as it is today.

Creativity was embraced in my early childhood, whether that was through  sketching, drawing, sewing and designing. I used to mainly focus on fashion design and later used my creativity to develop new automotive designs and understand the old, existing ones – especially the revolutionary automotive designs. Since ever I can imagine, my dad would take me to some clients and help fix and restore our classic cars.

Today, I am still embracing this creative sense in my daily life, at least I try to do so as often as possible. Another reason this blog about my journey will help me to be more creative in all kind of ways. Whether it is a quick sketch about an idea or scenery, a photography, coming up with designs or picking new colours and put them together (that aspect can be fashion and food related). I am already getting excited just writing that down…

You want to know more about me and my car madness? Have a look below, where I describe that passion a little further!

CARS? Tell us more!

For the ones which are a little bit more interested in me, my past and “career” if you would like to call it that way, please continue reading:

Having worked for companies like Porsche Kremer Racing, Ford, EDAG, Dipl. Ing. Klaus Kukuk (classic car specialist) and McLaren Automotive as well as studying automotive engineering in Munich and Cologne (Germany) has given me the insights into the automotive industry. Especially drive events, motorshows, rallyes, races and other automotive events are a big role in my life and keep things rather  interesting.

For a few years I had been given the opportunity to develop some racing experiences in smaller races. After having worked for several racing teams, I had the opportunity to join a new team in order to become one of their drivers. This was an incredible, breathtaking journey which I will never forget. Sitting behind a steering wheel of a high powered racing car and beating it to its limits is an experience I never want to forget – BREATHTAKING!

I am about to finish my Bachelor in Automotive Engineering which will be followed with a Masters degree in England. As I have the opportunity being sponsored and working part time with a company I previously worked with, I will most likely take this incredible opportunity.

After choosing to study automotive engineering rather than automotive design I had decided to still keep the creative brain side of main active. I started to draw paintings and develop logos and sketches for several companies. I try to be creative on a daily basis as this not only helps me to develop my skills in art but also in engineering, problem solving is highly creative in all matters.

That’s it for now!

If you have any questions please comment below or send inquiries.

I hope you will enjoy this blog! :)

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For any ideas, suggestions or cooperations , please contact me: kukuklaura@gmail.com